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Book Review: All for Nothing by CG Tracey

All for Nothing
C.G. Tracey
Published by Weaver Press, Avondale 2009
ISBN: 978 1 77922 079 0

Tracey’s autobiography is a noteworthy insight into the life of an apolitical, but prominent, ‘Rhodesian’ farmer, from humble beginnings and limited education to one of the most influential and committed men in Zimbabwean agriculture. Tracey dedicated his years to farming and business, but more than anything he was notable in contributing to and promoting a nation through its political upheavals, trade sanctions, an insurgency and the subsequent peace and reconciliation. He was thoroughly dedicated to the new Zimbabwe, guiding many of its nouveau politicians. Tracey was a highly respected man of great ethical standing who knew no colour bar. Yet, all this was no getaway from the greed and ravages of Robert Mugabe’s destructive land reform policy, during which Tracey saw members of his family murdered, and he too being forced off the land by none other than a High Court judge and a senior army officer. Compelling reading for those who need to learn of the racial injustices perpetrated for a very select pecuniary cause.
Andrew Field
3 October 2009


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